Visit the House

Tour the historic house and experience the creative energy that flowed throughout the birthplace of DND.

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I stayed with my D&D party and had a blast playing at the house. We also spent the night in the building next door and found it to be extremely clean and comfortable with lots of room! 5/5 stars!

Sam B


This is a must-do experience for any Dungeons and Dragons fan. Getting to game in the house where Gary Gygax created and played D&D is a chance of a lifetime. Yolanda and Austin ensured that we felt at home.

Andrew R


The girls and I had a wonderful time staying at the beautiful loft and playing a fresh game of AD&D 1st edition in the house. We rolled up characters in the basement. A great venue and superb host!

Jon H


Ready For Your Next Adventure?

Embark on an epic journey and travel to the lands where E. Gary Gygax brought his visions to the fantasy gaming realm. Tour the house, host a gaming session, and stay next door!